About Us

Animarte exists to bring animation to children, whether on their birthday or any other commemorative event. We believe that every moment has space to be celebrated in a fun way. Children have a unique form of expression and it is their joy and energy that motivates us every day.
Born in 2014, Animarte emerged with the mission of making children happy through unforgettable parties.

Joy and fun: an explosion of animation

We organize children’s parties across the country, for birthdays or any other time of year: Christmas, Halloween, Children’s Day, among others. Our concept is turnkey, which means that we guarantee the party on all fronts, from animation (with activities, games, magic, workshops, mascots, face painting, theaters and animators properly prepared and characterized for this purpose) through to decoration allusive to the chosen theme (which can contain floral arrangements or balloons), machines, inflatables, equipment and catering service.

We intend to promote smiles and turn them into laughter

We work for private children’s parties, baptisms, weddings, we partner with companies, hotels, schools, hospitals and work for events organized by the City Council, when they need children’s entertainment services sporadically or permanently.

Our success and added value comes from working with people with a vocation in all areas of early childhood education, from the arts to physical education. We work with a young, versatile, dynamic, flexible team, capable of dealing with all ages and understanding the preferences and language of the youngest. It is critical for us to understand the constant changes and rapid evolution of children. We understand the need for constant updating regarding trends, paying attention to what marks children’s current affairs and their entire universe. In this way, we are prepared to provide the best parties, those that meet what children like at the moment.

Sharing, emotion, brightness and color in your party

Our commitment at all our parties is involvement. We organize children’s parties in a completely personalized way to match everyone’s ideals. Our goal is to make your party unique and memorable, for all guests but especially for children. Get in touch with us and choose one of our offers or present us your idea.

Get in touch with us and schedule your event now.

Animation, entertainment, decoration, equipment, accessories and catering – all in keeping with the theme of your party. Animarte at your event is a guaranteed success.