Food Machines

Our party food machines are available for two hours with an operator for a complete safe handling.

If you are looking for a way to have freshly made treats, snacks, and light meals at your party, Animarte provide a service of renting food machines and carts, such as: popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream, crepes and hot dogs. Make your work easier in preparing the party and at the same time provide a different experience that will be etched in the memories of your guests.

Máquina de algodão doce


2 hours
Unlimited Servings
Includes an Operator



2 hours
Unlimited servings
Includes an Operator


2 hours
Includes an Operator
30 Servings
(2,5€ each additional hot dog)


Máquina de fazer gelados

2 hours
Includes an Operator
up to 50 Servings
(1,5€ each additional ice cream)


Máquina de crepes

2 hours
Includes an Operator
up to 50 Servings
(3€ each additional crepe)


Amounts are subject to VAT at the legal rate in force(23%).

Cotton Candy Machine

Choose to rent a cotton candy machine and transform your event into a sugary and magical experience, capable of winning hearts of all ages. We offer a palette of colors and flavors in a transparent cart where you can watch the entire process of creating this delicacy.

Crepes Machine

The crepe machine is not just a kitchen utensil, it can travel to your party and be an attraction at snack time. Surprise your guests with creativity and serve crepes with chocolate, fruit, sugar and cinnamon or other ingredients of your choice, for two hours and up to 50 servings.

Hot dog Carts

Hot dog carts are a symbol of street parties. They provide a relaxed environment and are part of simple and fun moments that will remain great memories. This is an easy, quick, practical, and tasty solution that can be consumed on the go.

Máquinas de Algodão Doce
Carrinhos de pipocas

Popcorn Machine

Renting a popcorn machine is perfect for parties at home. The attractive smell and delicious taste create a festive environment that perfectly complements any type of event. Turn your special days into incredible parties with unlimited, freshly made popcorn.

Ice cream machines

Strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate? Have an ice cream machine at your party and raise all expectations. Add a touch of freshness and novelty to your event and leave your guests completely fascinated. Get in touch with us and count on an experienced operator to serve you the best dessert!

Contact us to rent food machines and meal carts for parties with operator included.

Popcorn, cotton candy, crepes, ice cream and hot dogs made to order.