Organizing Halloween Parties

Organização de festas de Halloween

If you are looking to organize a frighteningly fun night, you can count on the best children’s animation team with featured animators, face painting, characterization, parades, special effects, space decoration, bold catering, trick or treat games, in short, the entire organization of your party! Unique, fun and unparalleled.

Animarte has a young and happy team, available for all challenges. Our mission is to provide Happiness and fun times.

Halloween party animation

If you want to differentiate your event from the others, Animarte will not let you down. We cover the entire public and make any space worthy of a true Halloween night, whether with children or adults, private or business events.

Choose an animator, who will go masked as your favorite character, between games, face painting, parades, trick or treating, we know your party will be remembered.
Ghosts, witches, vampires, undead, may be some of the guests at your party, which you can’t miss!

Animação de festas de Halloween
Halloween makeup

Halloween makeup

At Animarte, we have proven experience in face painting. We know the preferences, whether we’re talking about children or adults, as such, it is the motto for any event.

We paint with cuts, scars, special effects, we paint hair and nails, we guarantee that your disguise will make you unrecognizable.


Facial Painting

Facial painting or Glitter Tatto
Ballon modeling
An Animator – 2 hours



Facial painting
Themed tresured hunt
Games (halloween themed)
Balloon modeling
An Animator – 2 hours


Plastic Arts

Themed tatto glitter
Balloon modeling



An Animator – 2 hours

 Value from 120€


6 Red/Orange Fruit Juices
30 watters
12 themed cookies
8 custom cupackes
30 Mummified Sausage Puffs
20 themed jellies
20 themed mousses
Potatoes fries
halloween gummies
15 themed Brigadeiros
15 sandwiches


Halloween Decoration

Animarte makes decorations of spaces, building creative, extraordinary and unique scenarios.

For this “scary” scenario, we have different props such as: ghosts, pumpkins, chandeliers, black cats, bats, mummies, spider webs and zombies.
We have all the furniture and accessories to make an original creation to your liking.

We use colors and objects reminiscent of the theme, to create the perfect and original environment!

Price on request

Organization of Halloween parties at your home or in schools, hotels and other spaces

Looking to organize a Halloween Party with entertainment and decorations? Contact us