Party Decorations

Decorating parties is a work we are proud of as it is an element that contributes to the success of any event. The visual effect is impressive and we work, so that the first impression is positive.

The decoration, as well as the entertainment at parties and catering, is part of the event’s success. When perfectly combined with each other, they can even produce unique and unforgettable parties. The decoration of parties is about creating a creative, original, beautiful and harmonious environment, so that all guests can be pleasantly surprised, feel good and remember your party forever.

The decoration is the image of the party. If you want a decoration service for private birthday parties, or other events, with balloons, flowers or other equipment and accessories, talk to us.

Balloon decoration

Do you like balloon decorations? At Animarte we have several options: helium balloons (to drop or just to decorate), led balloons (that will give light to your event) columns and arches (or another format) of deconstructed balloons or not, with matte, pastel, metallic colors, bright, depending on the style of your event and your preference, to place at the table, at the entrance of the party or wherever it makes the most sense to you. Talk to us about your idea and get to know ours.







€90 (1 pair = 2 coluns)


Price on request

Add VAT at the current rate of 23%.

Decoration for weddings and baptisms

If you need decoration for weddings and baptisms, talk to us. We are available to prepare centerpieces with floral arrangements (bouquets, lapels, wreaths for the wedding rings girls, floral arrangements on entrance or cake-cutting structures) or create something unique with balloons. We create the perfect environment to meet your preferences and mark the day in a distinct way.

Get in touch with us and arrange the decoration for your event now.

Party decoration: flowers, balloons and tables.

Give your party an atmosphere that suits you.