Gio Wild One

Welcome to the Jungle!
Giordana loves her giraffe and if there is a game that amuses her, it is playing wild animals. Therefore, there was no doubt when choosing the theme for her first birthday party: the Jungle.

With only one year old, through the greens and browns of this decoration, through the balloons and even some vegetation, Gio was delighted to find some of her favorite animals: the giraffe, the monkey, the elephant, and the tiger.

She also found on the table, a two-story birthday cake full of animals, and with the help of our Jungle explorer, the fun and entertainment of this party was guaranteed!

Throughout the party, Gio didn’t let go of the stuffed animals, and played a lot with them.
So young, but it was possible to see Gio’s expression of happiness and admiration for this theme so well planned and executed.