Melina’s Candy Land

Melina chose Candy Land to celebrate her 7th birthday with her little friends.
Every year, Melina’s parents trust us to organize her birthday party, and every year they look forward to this day. The place is always different, and we always manage to adapt to it.

The decoration of the party was very colorful and carefully thought out. A scenario of sweets, colors, flavors, and smells, it was mouthwatering!
The rainbow-colored arc of balloons created the colorful and vivacious effect of this decoration.

The birthday cake, donuts, cupcakes, macarons, marshmallows and all the delicious sweets did their job well: both eyes and mouth ate them. It was a real delight!
Our mission was accomplished: both parents and Melina were enchanted with this party! Creativity had no limits, and neither did sugar!